Introducing the Video Tutorial Subscription Service     

What's This All About?
Tens of thousands of animators of all levels and hundreds of animation instructors around the world have known my site to be a resource for high end character animation tutorials for years. It's been my privilege and pleasure to provide these animation training resources free of charge to the animation community a large. I want to continue building upon this solid foundation by providing more free and low-cost animation training resources in the months and years to come. Read along to find out when and how....

Monthly Video Tutorials
Sometimes reading about a topic isn't enough. There are animation students, working pros and enthusiasts who desire even more information and understanding to accelerate their growth as animators and help them in their career goals- whatever they may be. So in addition to the free web tutorials available to all, I will be providing very low cost video tutorials each month for those who subscribe to my new 
Video Tutorial Service. These video tutorials will be an advanced and expanded view of a tutorial topic complete with interactive examples, screen captured video, live action analysis and recorded audio. All this to offer in depth analysis of how to understand and apply these concepts to your own animation. So if your career or education could benefit from that extra kick of experience and applied understanding (and who's couldn't?) then this new Video Tutorial Service is for you. Wow, that was a marketing line, wasn't it? Yuck. How about this- I think you'll get a lot out of these things since I learn so much just from assembling them. Yeah, that sounds better. Heh.

Sounds Cool. So What Do I Get?
Video Tutorial Service
subscribers will get the following stuff each month:
    - personal video tutorial file to keep on their hard drive
(no streaming media headaches here)
    - up to 25% discounts on any merchandise such as short film or training DVD's, branded t-shirts, etc.
(when it becomes available)

Each video will be approximately 15-20 min in run time at decent resolution. The compression will be a widely accepted cross platform format that provides a solid quality/file size ratio. Of course I need to manage the bandwidth, but I also want to make sure you can see what's going on onscreen.

OK, So What Does It Cost?
You can subscribe to the
Video Tutorial Service for just $14.95 per month. This is a lower cost alternative to other online animation educational resources that cost thousands. Of course I don't offer an entire school with huge resources or hands on mentoring or anything like that, but I believe the Video Tutorial Service is a fine way to advance your animation training without a large expense. And hey, these other programs like Animation Mentor are simply fantastic and if you can swing it you should definitely try to get involved with them. I can't emphasize that enough, AM is a great resource and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone. But I also realize that not everybody can afford the high cost of some schools, nor can many afford to take time off from work to go back to school. And compared to the cost of a traditional brick & mortar animation education this is a steal! Besides, the instructors at those brick & mortar schools have been using my tutorials in their curriculum for years now anyhow (and if you happen to be one of those instructors you're still free to use the free web tutorials as long as you like). But now you can get this solid animation training information at a miniscule fraction of the cost. And you can unsubscribe at any time if you feel you're not getting your money's worth. There's next to nothing for you to lose in this one.

And this is the most exciting part for me- additionally, a significant portion of all proceeds from the Video Tutorial Service will be donated to charitable causes to fight hunger and suffering for the less fortunate. So not only do you get to help your own animation career but by being a subscriber you'll be providing desperately needed help to suffering thousands around the world. For a list of which charities will be served by these funds, click here. This isn't about me making a boatload of money. But if together we can help others who struggle to just survive from day to day, then this can really be something we can all be proud of.

Payments will be accepted via PayPal, but you can use your PayPal, credit or debit card to pay. Using PayPal assures security and ease of use all around. If you live in a country where PayPal is not accepted, then email me and we can work something out. I'm willing to help out however I can.

How Will I Get My Video Tutorials?
After your subscription has been confirmed you will be sent a confirmation email welcoming you to the service. Anytime you join during a given month you'll be given immediate access to that month's video (if it has been released already). A link will be provided in the email where the video tutorial will be listed for you to download. I want you to be able to download your video tutorial to keep where you like, so I am not going to be streaming these videos. On or around the 15th of each new month of your subscription period you will receive an email notice that your new video tutorial is ready.  Each video tutorial will be watermarked in an effort to keep a bit of a damper on file sharing. I realize that there's no good way to stop people from sharing the files (any system can be hacked) at the very least I can try and minimize it.

A Personal, Honest Word on File Sharing:
While I understand that I can't do much about people sharing these video files with every Tom, Dick and Harry I'd still like to think folks are decent enough to play by the rules. This stuff puts food on the table for my family and helps those in need the world over. So don't think this is a freebie. Other animators charge thousands for this level of training. If you treat this like a warez candy store I'm gonna be forced to shut this thing down. Also keep this in mind if you share your video tutorial with your buddy: you're paying for this service and your buddy is not. Why should you subsidize their learning out of your own hard earned money? Can't they afford $14.95 a month to help their own career? And haven't they gotten at least $14.95 worth of value from my site through the years? So tell your buddy to stop being so cheap and have them subscribe to get their own videos. It'll make you feel less dirty and I'll like you better for it. ;o) And if you're an instructor at a school, please don't use these videos as a part of your curriculum for your students. Definitely go ahead and subscribe for yourself so you can get them and learn from them- that's fine. But at least be decent enough to not just hit the Play button and let all your students watch for free. Earn your paycheck and teach them. Don't be a lazy sod and let me teach them for you. So in summary- if you subscribe don't be a deadbeat and ruin it for everybody else by sharing these files with your entire circle of friends. If I find this stuff floating around where it doesn't belong (and I can find out pretty easily) I'll be forced to shut the whole thing down. And that will stink for everybody.

Groovy stuff! How Do I Subscribe?
We're taking subscribers now! To subscribe, just follow this link.
Note: To make things run smoothly, be sure that you have a PayPal account and that it is verified. If you don't have a verified PayPal account the subscription process will not be successful. For info on how to get a PayPal account and how to verify it, head on over to It's pretty simple and easy. Thanks!